viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015


i hate it. i hate that i need you right now. i hate that you are not even thinking about me. i hate that i need you (much) more than you need me. i hate that you don't need me at all.
i hate knowing that you don't care about me when you are possibly the only thing that i care about. i hate thinking about you and remembering your face the last time i kissed you. because i feel like i had to kiss you not the other way around.
i hate thinking that you only want me for my body, when i gave you my soul.
every fucking little thing that happens to me, i think that i want to tell you about it. i have to remember that you don't care. you hae something better to do anyway. 
i hate you. i hate thinking about not talking to you anymore but i know i can't do it. you make me sad and happy at the same time, how do you even do that?
do you like me? please tell me, i don't want to waste my time.

(did you notice i didn't talk to you all day long? i hope you did because i can't stop thinking about it)

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