domingo, 7 de junio de 2015


i'm afraid i will never feel love again
i think that you might have broke me
maybe is not your fault
but i don't know who else to blame for what i feel

the thing is i should have told you
that i hated you
that you hurt me
that i thought i loved you
and you didn't fucking care

but the only thing i said to you was
that i was angry
and you didn't said you were sorry
you weren't
you aren't

you just can't imagine what i felt
when you said you were with another girl
i felt that there was something wrong in me
but there wasn't

i am who i am
and i thought you liked me because of that
maybe you didn't
certainly you didn't like me enough

i have to give it a proper end
but it's too late to talk to you
so i'm writing this here
and i hope it's enough